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Indoor Ribbon Holder - Wall Hanging

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Hang your ribbons in style with our wall hanging ribbon holders! They are custom made with unlimited fabric choices, trim colors and sizes!

Each wall hanging is made with a solid or patterned cotton or polyester fabric of your choice on the front with a matching solid fabric on the back. Straps of a matching color is added along with a colored edging and white piping.

Each wall hanging is fully customizable. If you order, make sure you check your emails for fabric photos and approvals before it is created!


How to order:

Choose your preferred size:

  • Large Square - 36" wide and 36" long
  • Large Long - 27" wide and 46" long
  • Small - 27" wide and 36" long

Choose embroidery or no embroidery - Full name or monogram

Add in text if you would like embroidery. Double check spelling. How it is spelled out is how it will be embroidered.

Add colors and preferred pattern(s). You may receive an email with fabric photos that you will need to approve before it is made. Add trim & piping colors.


About each ribbon hanger pictured:

Morgan - Size Large Long - Brightly colored strip fabric, light pink backing and light blue edging. Raspberry embroidery on pink quilted fabric and raspberry straps.

Hensley - Size Large Long - Lime green and purple fabric with white piping and purple edging. Purple embroider on white quilted fabric with matching straps.

IPI - Size Small - Blue plaid fabric, light pink backing and navy edging. Light pink monogram on navy quilted fabric and pink straps.

Emma - Size Large Square - Grey floral fabric, light blue backing and raspberry edging. Raspberry embroidery on turquoise quilted fabric and raspberry straps.

Gabby - Size Large Square - Navy polka-dot fabric, navy backing and olive green edging. Olive green embroidery on white quilted fabric and olive green straps.

Skycove - Size Large Square - Mint Teal fabric, grey backing and edging. Silver embroidery. Vanilla Gelato font.

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