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Memory Pillow

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Product Details

Turn your favorite memory into a pillow that you can use and display around your house. This is a handmade memory pillow made out of your own t-shirts jackets, blankets, etc.

Pillows require at least one full item to be used on the front of the pillow. Additional items can be put on the back or sewn together.

Finished pillow features:
- Memory item on front

- Memory item on back (If you choose it to be double sided)

- Solid fabric on the back (if you choose it to be one sided)

- Embroidery on the back (if you choose it to be one sided)

How to ship your memory items:

  • Choose the smallest size box or padded mailer that your ribbons fit into. Flat rate is not always the cheapest way to go because ribbons are not heavy.
  • Do not send memory items that have dust, cob-webs or poop on them or ribbons that have been chewed by mice. All items must be washed! If your ribbons are received in this condition, a $30.00 fee will be added to your bill.
  • Mailing address is located on your order confirmation receipt.
  • A note with your name and contact information must be in the box.
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