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Ribbon Art

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Ribbon Art is a great addition to your wall, shelf, or add it to a shadow box with other memories!

Ribbon Art only requires 5-7 ribbons (with 3 streamers) and is accented with gold or silver ribbon (supplied by EquiRibbon Creations).

Ribbon Art can be created and mailed back with or without a frame. Add your own frame or let us supply one for you.
Base price includes the ribbon art only (no frame or plaque). Start building you ribbon art creation with the options available.

Frame sizes are available in 12"x12"

Plaques: 1-3 lines is engraved on a 1"x3" or 1"x4" plaque, size depends on the amount of text in each line. 4 or more lines is engraved on a 2"x4" plaque.

Logo: The EquiRibbon Creations logo is not etched into the frame. It is a watermark added to the photo.

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