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Ribbon Pillow - The Athlete

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Turn all of those swim and gymnastics ribbons into something that you can cherish forever. This is a handmade ribbon pillow in "The Athlete" pattern.

Pillows require around 25 ribbons, depending on size. I cannot use ribbons that are ripped or frayed. Any industry ribbons can be used (swim, gymnastics, horse, dog, etc.). This pattern is used for ribbons that don't have rosettes.

Finished pillow features:

  • Ribbon pattern on front. This pattern is the perfect design for swim or gymnastics ribbons. Ribbons can go in the displayed interlocking pattern or can be side by side across the whole pillow, or side by side with some ribbons creating a "belt" across the pillow.
  • Solid fabric on the back
  • Embroidery on the back if requested

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