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Ribbon Pillow - The King

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"The King" pattern transforms your ribbons into an elegant multi-colored pillow. Ribbons are sewn both edge to edge as well as being layered on top of one another.

Pillows require around 10-15 ribbons that are at least 8" long with 3 streamers. I cannot use ribbons that are ripped or frayed. This pattern only works with ribbons that have sideways text. Must include at least 5 ribbons with sized ways only text. *All industry ribbons are different sizes, this is just a reference to base your ribbons off of. If your ribbons are smaller, please send more. If they are longer, you may send less.*

Finished pillow features:
  • Ribbon pattern on front.
  • Single, double or triple "belt" going across the front
  • One, two or three rosettes going across the front
  • Solid fabric on the back
  • Embroidery on the back if requested

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