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Ribbon Pillows

Pillows are a great way to display your ribbons around the house!


Pillows require around 10-15 ribbons that are at least 8" long with 3 streamers.

I cannot use ribbons that are ripped or frayed.

*All industry ribbons are different sizes, this is just a reference to base your ribbons off of. If your ribbons are smaller, please send more. If they are longer, you may send less.*

Finished pillow features:

  • Ribbon pattern on front.

  • One, two or three rosettes going across the front depending on pattern

  • Solid fabric on the back

  • Embroidery on the back if requested (additional charge)

Prices with ribbons received by 1/15/24:

12"x14" - $50.00

14"x14" - $50.00

16"x16" - $60.00

18"x18" - $70.00

New 2024 prices:

12"x14" - $80.00

14"x14" - $80.00

16"x16" - $100.00

18"x18" - $100.00



The Classic


The Trim


The Star


The Neck Sash


The Athlete


The Memory

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