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How to ship your ribbons:
  • Choose the smallest size box or padded mailer that your ribbons fit into. Flat rate is not always the cheapest way to go because ribbons are not heavy. If you can, keep the box 12" or under - this will help you save money on shipping! Shipping your ribbons in one box and not multiple boxes is also cheaper. 

  • Lay your ribbons flat or for long ribbons, wrap the streamers around the rosette. They do not need to be ironed but shouldn't be crumpled up into a ball.

  • Do not send ribbons that have dust, cob-webs or poop on them or ribbons that have been chewed by mice. If your ribbons are received in this condition, a $30.00 fee will be added to your bill.

  • Please include a note in the box with your contact information (Name & phone number or email address) so I know the ribbons are yours. 

  • Shipping address: Please contact for address

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