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Feature Friday: On to Worlds

I'm going to start off #featurefriday with one of my own pillows and a couple ribbons that are included in the wall hanging.

This pillow is a 12"x16" and was created using maroon and gold ribbons from the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) World Show. The back is embroidered with the horses name and the year.

In 2015 my gelding (Kash) turned 3 - he learned showmanship, hunter, trail, hunter and driving and turned into quite the all-around horse. We competed at AMHA Eastern Regionals in Ohio, earning reserve champion in Showmanship and Versatility (wall hanging ribbons).

We went on to attend the AMHA World Show in Fort Worth - My first world show showing a horse. Under the expert guidance of Clear View Training Stable, Kash earned many Top 10's & 5's in driving, showmanship and versatility.

Halter, however, was a different story. After showing, we all lined up on the rail. They called 10th place, 9th place, 8th place and so on. Down to 3rd place and I was still on the rail. I placed in the top 2... Cue the tears! Kash was called as Reserve Champion Ammy Halter Level 1 30" - 34" ... I got a trophy at my first world show!

Being the ribbon hoarder that I am, I will never be able to cut that neck sash up but the pillow was made from all of Kash's top 10 ribbons that year. I had previously made a World pillow (same World show, same ribbons) the year before and wanted to badly to have a maroon & gold pillow of my own.

I only have 4 of my own ribbon items but this is the one that means the most to me.

Have your own #featurefriday story to share with your ribbon creation? Send it over to us and we will share your story!


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