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The Making of a Wall Hanging

Ever wonder how a wall hanging is made? Join me step-by-step as I share with you how I make a wall hanging!

Step 1: Iron & cut the ribbons. All ribbons that arrive at EquiRibbon Creations get ironed and the ones I know I will use get cut. The ones that are not cut are organized by color.

Step 2: Cut the backing and start laying out the design. Most designs are started on paper and used as a guide to lay out the ribbons.

Step 3: Start sewing! I could only lay out and sew 3 ribbons at a time for this design.

Step 4: Lay the ribbon section on the backing photo, pin the hem and sew. Add loops for hanging.

Step 5: Lay the rosettes out and sew on.

Step 6: Done!


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