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Ship It - Top 8 Shipping Tips and Tricks

Shipping can be a complicated subject. I spent over 2 hours creating a video (there were A LOT of re-do's) talking about shipping but I just didn't have the confidence to post it on Facebook so I decided to write about it instead.

DISCLAIMER: I have never worked for a shipping company. These are just tips and tricks I have learned to use to cut down on the shipping cost.

Shipping cost is based on package weigh, dimensions, shipping method and where it is shipping to.

Tip 1: Choose the smallest size box possible. You shouldn't be paying to ship air or empty space. If the box is too large, cut each corner and fold the flaps down. Try to keep the box at or under 12". A box that is a 12" cube will cost much less to mail than a 14" cube box.

Tip 2: If you are shipping a lot of ribbons put them in one box. Shipping them in multiple boxes will cost more than one larger box.

Tip 3: Walmart sells shipping boxes for under $2.00.

Tip 4: Priority flat rate is not always the cheapest since ribbons don't weight a lot.

Tip 5: If you are sending ribbons from CA to us here in MA, then priority flat rate may be the way to go - There is a fine line and it can be confusing 🧐

Tip 6: Cut the streamers off the rosettes and ship the streamers and rosette you want used. All will fit in a padded envelope.

Tip 7: If you have paypal, purchase your shipping label from them. They offer shipping labels at a discounted rate.

Tip 8: Want certain ribbons used for each project? Bag them! Use zip lock or plastic bags to put the ribbons in. Add a name or product name on the bag or a note in the bag.

(We recycle! If you send a bag we save it in our bag bin and use them when needed)


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