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Putting on a Show

(This blog post is written with horse, dog and livestock shows in mind. This is all based on my experience with ribbons. Your experiences will vary from mine based on your involvement, demographics and industry)

With all the different shapes, colors and size ribbons out there, how do you know which ribbon is the right one to order for your show or organization?

The fact of the matter is - It doesn't matter.

Each industry has a different "standard" on color, shape and size but you aren't required to follow them (unless it is noted in your club or associations by-laws).

Common Ribbon Colors:

  • Blue

  • Red

  • Yellow

  • White

  • Pink

  • Green

  • Purple

  • Maroon

  • Light Blue

Uncommon Ribbon Colors (but ones that I have come across):

  • Turquoise

  • Magenta

  • Orange

  • Black

  • Lime Green

Common Ribbon Shapes:

  • Bookmark - Single streamer with or without a yarn loop at the top for hanging. Square top or pointed top

  • One Streamer Ribbon Rosette - One streamer with a rosette at the top. Streamer is centered on the rosette. Usually one color.

  • Two Streamer Ribbon Rosette - Two streamers with a rosette at the top. Streamers are positioned in an upside down V shape. The point of the V attaches to the rosette. Usually one color.

  • Three Streamer Ribbon Rosette - Three streamers with a rosette at the top. For a regular class, the rosette is the same color as the streamers. For a championship class, the streamers and rosette are tri-colored.

  • Neck Sashes - Rosette in the center with two large streamers on each side that wrap around the neck and velcro together. Usually two or three colors. The rosette usually has two or three streamers coming off of the bottom as well, with or with out tassels.

Common Ribbon Sizes:

  • Bookmark - 8" to 10" long

  • One Streamer Ribbon Rosette - 12" from top of rosette to bottom of streamer.

  • Two Streamer Ribbon Rosette - 12" from top of rosette to bottom of streamers.

  • Three Streamer Ribbon Rosette - 12" for regular classes and larger for championship, high-point or high-end awards.

  • Neck Sashes - Any size that works best with the animal industry you are in.

Some things to think about when ordering ribbons:

  • Does your show cater to kids? - Kids love ribbons

  • Is your show a championship show? - Usually the larger the show, the more elaborate the ribbons are.

  • Is your club or association on a budget? - Keep the ribbons simple.

  • Will this be a re-occurring event? - Buy in bulk and don't add dates to your ribbons. You will usually get a discount if you order more at once or if your order reaches a certain amount. Not adding dates to your ribbons allows you to use any left over ribbons the following year.

  • Does your ribbon company offer yearly discounts? - Plan to order during this time


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