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Ribbon Care - The Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Taking care of your ribbons can be hard and you could be causing damage to them without even knowing! Here is a list of do's and don'ts that I have put together to help keep your ribbons in tip-top shape.



  • Leave them in the sun - This will bleach the streamers that are exposed to the sun. The parts that are not exposed will stay the same color.

  • Put them in the washing machine - The washing machine eats socks and makes them disappear, you don't want them eating your ribbons too!

  • Keep them crumpled up in storage for awhile - Fold creases show no matter how many times they are ironed.

  • Store them in the barn or attic - Mice & mold.


  • Alternate the ones you hang up for display - This will prevent sun bleaching.

  • Spot Clean - Mix a small amount of gently detergent and water together. Use a cloth to dip into the mixture and blot the stain. Continue to do this until you see improvement. Air Dry.

  • Store them flat in a Rubbermaid container - Alternate where the rosettes lay. You can even add layers of tissue paper in between.

  • Use the iron on low - If you want to iron them, put it on the lowest setting first. Slowly increase the settings if the lowest one does not get all of the wrinkles out.

Ribbons that have been made into items by EquiRibbon Creations:

All the above apply along with the following:

DON'T Use any heat on the pillows (blow dryer, iron, etc.)

DON'T Pull the mane and tail hair out of the ponies

DO Gently wipe any dust off with a dry-damp towel

DO Iron stockings and wall hangings if needed


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