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What color combinations look best?

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Picking color combinations can be hard, especially if you have ribbons in every color.

Unless otherwise requested, I like to stick to color combos with 3 colors max. This allows for a neat and clean ribbon piece to be created.

Below are my favorite color combinations to work with:

Two Color Combinations:

  • Blue & Red

  • Purple & Green

  • Any color with white

Three Color Combinations:

  • Blue, Red, Yellow

  • Blue, Pink, White

  • Blue, Yellow, White

  • Red, White, Blue

  • Red, Yellow, White

  • Green, Pink, White

  • Purple, Yellow, White

  • Maroon, Teal, Pink

  • Grey, Brown, Blue

  • Maroon, Navy, Orange

  • Two shades of one color and White

What are your favorite color combos?


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